A Faster Orthodontic Solution
VPro™ – Just 5 Minutes A Day.

Smile Unique Dental and Orthodontics is proud to offer VPro in Houston, a smarter, faster way to accelerate your orthodontic treatment from the comfort and convenience of your home.

You can use VPro with the guidance and recommendations of our expert dentists in Houston together with your Invisalign and or traditional braces to reduce discomfort and shorten your treatment time.

Interested in getting VPro? Contact us today at (832) 391-8660, and we’ll be happy to help you speed up your orthodontic treatment today.

What Is VPro?

VPro is a high frequency vibration device, also known as an aligner seater, that accelerates your orthodontic treatment. The gentle vibrations complement your aligner therapy by speeding up the movement of your teeth into their desired positions.

When you get orthodontic devices, such as braces or clear aligners, their purpose is to apply gentle pressure to your teeth over a relatively long period of time – think several months to years, depending on the complexity and expected duration of your treatment. Over time, this slowly and gently allows the teeth to move into the right positions.

Orthodontic treatment commonly serves to correct issues with your bite, such as:

  • Bite misalignment
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Crooked Teeth
  • Gap teeth, or teeth that are too crowded and close together.

Some people may experience discomfort in their teeth as they progress through their orthodontic treatment. VPro is a solution to that, reducing discomfort and potentially speeding up your total treatment time by up to 50%.


How Do I Use VPro?

The benefits of VPro are easy to get – simply insert the mouthpiece of the vibration device, bite down gently, and begin treatment while wearing your orthodontics. The device will vibrate for 5 minutes and automatically complete the treatment. And, you’re done!

VPro is waterproof so you can place it close to where you brush your teeth, making it easier to incorporate it into your routine. It supports wireless charging and comes with a travel-friendly charging case to keep it clean.

The VPro Companion App: Helping You Stay On Track

The VPro appliance comes with a dedicated app with all the features you need to track your VPro usage over time and ensure your treatment goes smoothly. It automatically records your usage and reminds you about your treatments.

You can view and share your usage history in customizable intervals – 1, 3 or 6 months – with your orthodontist, and see battery levels and firmware updates for your device.

What Are The Benefits of Using VPro?

High frequency vibration (HFV) technology is a safe, proven way of biologically and mechanically accelerating orthodontic tooth movement. VPro lets you access the benefits of this technology right at home, helping you increase treatment speed and lessen discomfort.

While your orthodontist will determine your actual treatment time, case studies show that VPro has reduced predicted treatment times without VPro of up to 19 months to real-world treatment times of 6 months. That’s almost twice as fast!

Plus, since your treatment time is shorter, you get the benefit of reduced office visits, saving you valuable time that you can use to show off your bright new smile.

Want faster, more comfortable orthodontic results with VPro in Houston? Contact Smile Unique Dental and Orthodontics at (832) 391-8660, and we’ll get you started!

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