Tooth Extraction During Pregnancy: A Yes Or No?

January 30, 2024

When a woman bears a child, her body and health is going through multiple changes and that too all at once. Pregnancy can come along with multiple physical health challenges but not all can be taken care of keeping in mind your body is host to a developing child. While many treatments are considered safe, some should be avoided if possible. Medications and other medical treatments can do worse than good in terms of serious physical consequences. Some may deter the mother’s health and others may affect the child’s growth.

This blog will talk about whether tooth extraction is a safe dental procedure during pregnancy. There are multiple taboos that afloat around this topic. However, we are here to provide you an answer to this!

Tooth extraction is one of the most common types of dental procedure often employed as part of other dental treatments like implants and overcrowding. In other cases, it is an urgent form of relief from pain and inflammation from severely decayed and infected teeth.

But what if all this occurs when you are pregnant?

As a first half of the advice, we suggest our pregnant patients to first check with their gynecologists about their health standing and whether they will be able to stand this procedure. It is best to seek advice from prenatal healthcare.

However, if you want to extract your tooth for any other dental treatment that can be delayed, it is best until you give birth. Major dental work is suggested to be delayed after birth as it can put too much mental and physical strain.

In severe cases where tooth extraction becomes necessary – the American Pregnancy Association recommends that any necessary dental work is performed in the second trimester while postponing the relatively non-essential treatments until after delivery.

If there is an emergency that can’t wait, you can possibly go for tooth extraction at any time as a severely damaged tooth can be a supposed health risk too.

Having said that, it is a completely personal choice in the end.

Importance Of Regular Checkup During Pregnancy

Even if there isn’t a dental emergency, the need for routine checkups remains constant. Regular dental checkups are important during pregnancy as your body is susceptible to oral risks like cavities, gingivitis, swelling and inflammation. Severe morning sickness can lead to introducing bacteria to your mouth. Overindulging in your sweet cravings can also put you at risk. This calls for routine dental cleanings and overall checkup so that your oral health is never neglected given any circumstances.

Final Words

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