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Your child’s oral health is an important part of their overall health and well-being, contributing significantly to their quality of life. That’s why it’s important to take proper care of their oral health at an early age, preventing problems in the future. See a pedodontist in Houston today at Smile Unique Dental and Orthodontics to get started!

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What is a Pedodontist?

A pedodontist, also called a pediatric dentist, is a dental care professional that specializes in the oral health of children. A pedodontist typically caters to children aged 6 months all the way up to early adulthood.

Pedodontists are well-trained in using child-friendly, gentle techniques to treat their young patients. They also put a special emphasis on assisting parents in educating children about maintaining good health, instilling good habits from an early age.

Smile Unique Dental and Orthodontics has an excellent staff of pedodontists in Houston to ensure your child has good oral health and healthy hygiene habits from an early age.

What is a Pedodontist?

Is A Pedodontist Different From A General Dentist?

Both general dentists and pedodontists provide dental care to their patients, diagnosing any oral health problems, producing treatment plans for their patients, and performing routine procedures such as teeth cleaning and filling cavities. The key difference is that pedodontists have an extra education in treating children in particular – adjusting their techniques, providing counseling and tracking the progress of baby teeth and developing adult teeth.

Pedodontists also educate children to have good oral hygiene and discourage bad habits from forming. For example, sucking on a thumb or pacifier can cause problems with oral development, as can negligent brushing and poor oral hygiene. That is why pedodontists employ a gentle, patient approach to coach children and advise parents on strategies to develop healthy habits.

Additionally, pedodontists can also work with young people with special needs or disabilities.

When Should You Take Your Child To See A Pedodontist?

It is important to establish a consistent relationship with your pedodontist in Houston, taking your child to regular dental exams to ensure good oral health. This makes it easy to get dental care from a professional who is accessible, and aware of your child’s dental development history.

For example, if you see any of the following symptoms in your child, consider scheduling an appointment:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Painful teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Tooth loss
  • Pain or soreness in the mouth or jaw
  • Delayed tooth eruption, whether it’s baby teeth or permanent teeth
  • Hypersensitivity to hot or cold foods
  • Pain when chewing or eating
  • Sudden hesitant or picky eating behavior
  • Oral swelling, particularly in the gums or delicate oral tissues

If you observe any of these conditions, call (832) 391-8660 to schedule an appointment with a pedodontist in Houston.

Maintaining A Relationship With Your Family Pedodontist

Maintaining A Relationship With Your Family Pedodontist

It’s a good idea to establish an early connection with your local pedodontist in Houston. It lets you enjoy the benefits of a doctor that sees your child regularly, knows their dental history, and can provide early treatment for any conditions that may arise as they grow older.

Ready to see an expert pedodontist? Call Smile Unique Dental and Orthodontics at (832) 391-8660, and we’ll be happy to see your young ones in a gentle, comforting dental environment.

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