Dental Fillings in Houston, TX

What are Dental Fillings?

A dental filling is the process by which a dentist fills in a damaged or decaying tooth to restore and protect it. If a tooth damaged by cavities has holes, the dental filling will fill them in. A traditional dental filling is made of a robust material, such as silver, that can withstand high bite forces in the mouth that come from chewing. Since most of the chewing happens at the back of the mouth, fillings are often performed on the back teeth. Getting a dental filling in Houston is a relatively easy process.

Today, dental fillings can be made of newer, composite materials such as ceramics or plastics. The benefit of using these materials is that they blend in seamlessly with the surrounding teeth, fabricated specifically to match their color. However, they are not as durable as silver fillings, making these materials better for use in dental fillings for front teeth that are not subject to strong chewing forces.

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what are dental fillings

Who Needs A Dental Filling?

People with cavities or other forms of tooth decay/damage need dental fillings. Cavities and tooth decay start as relatively harmless black spots on the teeth, but can quickly develop into the sensitive inner regions of the teeth. This can cause pain and sensitivity, and you should get a tooth filling right away. We offer tooth fillings in Houston and nearby areas, so don’t delay your treatment!

What Happens In A Dental Filling Procedure?

Your dental filling procedure depends on the severity of the damage your tooth has experienced, as well as the type of filling that will suit your condition best. Generally, the procedure works like this:

  • Your dentist determines the type of filling you require:

Direct Filling

These can be done in a single visit, and the procedure is completed in about an hour.

Indirect Filling

If your tooth has severe damage, you may need an indirect filling, which can take multiple appointments to complete.

  • The dentist numbs the area receiving the filling, using a topical anesthetic or one that can be injected into the surrounding tissue.
  • The dentist prepares and cleans out the area and inserts the filling into the damaged area.
  • You perform some bite tests to check for pain, tenderness or discomfort, and to flatten out the filling.
  • The procedure is complete, and you schedule a follow-up appointment to check on the filling and make sure there are no problems.

If you need a dental filling in Houston, we have you covered. Contact Smile Unique Dental and Orthodontics at (832) 391-8660 to schedule an appointment.

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