Root Canal Vs. Tooth Extraction: Making The Right Choice

March 30, 2024

Root canal and tooth extractions are both dental procedures that attempt to address common dental concerns related to decay and extensive damage. While both procedures can be deemed important, here are some important factors to consider before making a final decision.

How Does Root Canal Helps Relieve Dental Pain

Root canal is a minimally invasive dental procedure that helps relieve pain that comes from extensive decay and damage. In the initial stages of consultation with your regular dentists, they will determine the extent of the issue and assess if root canal can be possible for your case. A root canal procedure aims to save a tooth that has been severely infected or damaged, but still has the possibility of being restored through necessary assistance and medical care. The procedure involves removing the infected pulp, cleaning and disinfecting the inside of the tooth, filling and re-sealing it back.

Root canal procedures help in preserving the original tooth structure, allowing you to maintain proper chewing and biting. By preserving the natural teeth, it helps to preserve the surrounding jawbone also while retaining the cosmetic benefits and appearance of your smile. You will not have to worry about prosthetic teeth or gaps that might look unappealing. Root canal is less invasive and involves fewer appointments, shorter recovery time as compared to tooth extraction that may be followed by multiple replacement options.

How Does Tooth Extraction Helps Relieve Dental Pain

One more way to relieve dental pain that comes from extensive decay and damage is tooth extraction. The damage beyond repair where root canal is not feasible, tooth extraction is the final resort. In severe cases, tooth extraction can also be a favored treatment as a part of orthodontic procedures to address overcrowding or misalignment issues. While the cost of root canal may seem higher, extraction followed by tooth replacement options must also be considered.

It is also about the patient’s personal preferences, whether they want to go for a root canal or tooth extraction in their case. Some may prefer extraction over root canal due to their dental anxiety and stress.

Making Your Own Choice

While making the relative choice about your treatment trajectory is up to you, there are other things that can influence the final decision.

  • Your dentist will determine your current oral health and recommend relative treatment and recovery options. It may also help to gauge the severity of the issue.
  • Your overall health including the presence of conditions that might affect healing, immune function and bone density can also influence the final decision.
  • Considering the likelihood of treatment success in your case.
  • The cost and financial considerations of each treatment.

Final Words

Smile Unique Dentistry specializes in providing a range of dental treatment options to overcome damage and decayed teeth. Book a consultation with our expert dentists at (832) 391-8660 to determine whether root canal or tooth extraction is right for you.


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