Jaw Pain After Tooth Extraction | How Long Does It Last?

November 15, 2023

You might have dreamt about smooth sailing after bidding farewell to that troublesome tooth, but your jaw had other plans. Jaw pain after tooth extraction is common and expected, but persistent discomfort for a long time demands attention. Let’s discuss how long the pain in your jaw should last and when is the right time to seek attention.

How Long Should You Expect Tooth Extraction Pain?

Ideally, tooth extraction pain hits its peak in 24 to 48 hours, gradually going down in the following days. While some discomfort is a common step during the healing process, prolonged discomfort is a potential issue.

The Post-Extraction Timeline

Immediately after tooth extraction, you won’t feel a thing, all thanks to the local anesthesia your dentist will use. However, some tingling sensations will make you uncomfortable as its effect starts wearing off. The first 24 hours post-surgery are crucial, as this is when pain is at its full glory, and bleeding may occur with it. But do not worry; you can take painkillers to deal with this issue.

But “Why” Does Your Jaw Hurt After Extraction?

Here are a few potential reasons that may contribute to this:

1. Muscular Soreness

Any dental work, including tooth extraction, requires extended periods with your mouth wide open. This strains your jaw muscles, resulting in soreness and pain. The good news is that simple remedies like cold and hot compresses can provide relief.

2. Dry Socket Formation

Do not for once consider your dentist’s aftercare instructions as a formality—it is crucial to adhere to them to prevent a dry socket. This is a condition that occurs when the blood clot post-extraction is dislodged, leaving the tooth bone and nerve exposed. This results in Jaw pain that radiates to your ear.

3. Infection

Persistent jaw pain may serve as an indicator of an infection budding after the extraction. Bacteria may invade the tooth socket, causing discomfort, swelling, throbbing sensations, and even fever. To avoid this case scenario, a good oral hygiene regime is your key to keeping such infections at bay.

Tips to Deal with Jaw Pain after Tooth Extraction

To avoid jaw pain and complications, consider practicing these tips:

  • Steer clear of brushing on the site of extraction until your dentist gives a green signal.
  • Use an antimicrobial mouthwash, rinsing the affected area 2 to 3 times daily.
  • Adhere to prescribed medications religiously.
  • Give yourself a break and avoid strenuous activities for a few days.
  • Opt for a soft-food diet. Some of the common options include rice, eggs, yogurts, etc.
  • Skip the use of straws and anything that involves a suction action to prevent blood clot dislodgement.

Closing Note

Jaw pain post-tooth extraction does not always cause alarm, but you must not ignore it if the discomfort lingers for more than a week. You can get in touch with our expert at Smile Unique Dental and Orthodontics, Dr. Jay Arunkumar, an award winner from the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, for more information. Dial (832) 391-8660 to connect with us or drop by our clinic. We are located at 19355 Katy Freeway STE 600, Houston, TX 77094.


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