Is There An Age Limit To Get Braces?

May 15, 2023

The feeling of self-consciousness about a crooked smile can hamper confidence in children and adults alike. The good news is, with so many technological advancements, you can straighten teeth in a jiffy. Braces are here for you whether you are a teenager or a child seeking that picture-perfect smile!

How Old Do You Need To Be To Get Braces?

There is really no age limit to get braces. Adults get them all the time, and with technological advancements, braces are now close to invisible, so one ever can tell. 

Braces and Age

The age range of braces is easily divided into 3 categories; pre-teens to early teens, teenagers, young adults, and mature adults.

  • The age from pre to early teens is thought to be the best range for braces treatment since permanent teeth are in the process of growing.
  • The teenagers and young adults’ bracket is the most crucial one in this regard and is very successful because they have a better understanding of the entire situation and how to handle the braces for the best results.
  • Mature adults can also opt for this treatment; there is no concept of being too late to get braces.

Why Do Kids Need Braces?

For most people, braces merely work for an aesthetically pleasing smile or can only manage crooked teeth; however, there is more catch to it.

Braces are important for dental and overall health; here are some common issues that indicate the need to get braces.

  • Trouble chewing or biting down food
  • Breathing from mouth
  • Poor oral habits
  • Loss of baby teeth (early or later than normal)
  • Finger sucking while sleeping
  • Crowded or misplaced teeth
  • Jaw popping
  • Speech difficulties
  • Cheek biting
  • Bruxism – excessive teeth grinding or clenching

How to Know If Your Kid Needs Braces

  • As a parent, you must be careful about the changes happening in your child’s mouth and determine whether or not they need braces to correct bite issues.
  • Other than that, observe and ask your child if they have any difficulties chewing food or suffer from pain or discomfort when they bite down.
  • If there is a visible gap between the two front teeth (diastema), then you might want to get them fixed.

Closing Note

For more information on braces treatment, get in touch with professionals from Smile Unique Dental & Orthodontics at (832) 391-8660. You can also visit our dental office located at 19355 Katy Fwy Suite 600, Houston, TX 77094, next to MKT Pizza.


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