How To Deal With Cobblestone Throat?

July 30, 2022

The bumps you find at the back of your throat are basically lymphatic vessels that grow larger in size. But, what are the diseases that cause this trouble? Let’s find out.

Bumps At The Back Of Throat – What Are The Causes?

In case you have any sort of tiny red bumps on the back of your throat, you suffer from a condition known as cobblestone throat. The two most common symptoms are irritation and sore throat that come along with this condition. But bumps on the throat are not severe, and there is no need to be scared.

But, because its appearance or outlook is daunting, people consider this condition pretty serious; some might even confuse this with cancer. Although this situation of white bumps growth in the back of your throat is usually not cancerous, always get the lump checked.

Sore Throat or Pharyngitis

Cobblestone throat is a sign of pharyngitis. In this condition, your throat starts irritating and swells up, leading to a sore throat. The cause behind their appearance is either virus or bacteria. However, some other conditions are linked to it as well.

Pharyngitis is basically inflammation of the pharynx present in your throat. In this condition, the lymph nodes increase in size and fill up with fluid; this is in response to the reaction. Due to such issues, your skin looks like clear bumps at the back of your throat. Some other symptoms include:

  • An irritated sore throat
  • Painful sensation while speaking
  • Scratched throat
  • Difficulty swallowing

Inflammation of the pharynx may be acute or chronic. If acute, these signs would not surpass 10 days’ time and occur more frequently in people than in chronic.

If the signs stay on for more than two weeks, it falls under the category of chronic illness. In such a condition, the signs and symptoms reappear after a short episode or maybe don’t go away at all. The triggering factors include smoke and air pollution, acid reflux, infections, allergies, or rarely it is your throat.


Get in touch with your dental professional as soon as you see bumps on your throat. This is important to treat the condition which can be handled before it gets worse. Talk to us, dial (832) 391-8660 to connect with Smile Unique Dentistry.

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