5 Signs Of A Failed Bone Graft

January 15, 2024

If your tooth is damaged beyond repair and are looking to get a dental implant, bone grafting is an inevitable procedure that you must undergo in order for a successful implant placement. A dental bone graft is where your dentist or healthcare provider goes in and places bone tissue where your tooth is weak or shrunken due to natural loss or injury. This goes in for strengthening the area, providing favorable conditions for regenerating natural bone cells. Bone grafting can come in a variety of sources including your own body and other donors. It can come in as a bone fragment or granulated powder form.

Failure in bone graft is not an exception and can happen in most cases. It does not pose any serious dental risks but can delay your course of treatment. A bone graft is required for visible healing which makes it easier for you to track the progress of this procedure. It requires time to integrate so there is not much you can do about it. Your dentist will have to take a dental print of the treatment site in order to check if the grafting material has integrated with the adjacent bone.

As with any kind of dental procedure and otherwise, there are risks that we have to keep a lookout for. While it is rare to expect a bone graft to failure, it is quite still possible to experience it. Here are some signs that may signal you towards a failure in bone grafting procedure.


While some discomfort and pain is normal, it should subside within the given time. Typically, it takes up to three to four days to fully recover from bone graft surgery. Anything beyond this time frame is a signaling towards a complication. Throbbing pain that radiates in the mouth, ear, throat is not considered normal.

Tooth Sensitivity

If there are signs of tooth sensitivity and pain, this may direct us to an infection development which should be dealt with immediately.

Gum Inflammation

Swelling and inflammation is the most common signifier of a failed bone graft. The surrounding gum tissue may exhibit symptoms of redness, puffiness and bleeding.any swelling that does not improve alongwith taking due care is not considered as normal.


There is a likelihood of pus developing with inflamed gums. This may leave your mouth in distaste with a discharge of black or red discharge from the treatment site.

Gum Recession

The gum lies right atop of the treatment site which can make it vulnerale to changes. If the area shows signs of gum recession, it can mean an unsuccessful bone grafting.

In Conclusion

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